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Until I discovered cooking I was never really interested in anything


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Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, and in the past fifteen years cooking has become my passion. I have many hobbies that are worthy of writing but cooking has become my number one priority because my wife and I love to eat. This is why I love to cook and explore different kinds of cuisines and I can learn even more and provide my customers with the best kind of food.
My mother and grandfather are the sole reason for me to follow my passion, if it was not for them I would have never known that I too can strive at cooking. They always supported me and helped me learn the various techniques of cooking. They even suggested some of their secret recipes. With my family’s encouragement, I figured that I should make my passion a profession and with that thought, I started my catering business. After a few years of my business, I was very fortunate because a lot of people tend to like and enjoy my cooking. This was the kick that I was looking for to open my restaurant. Every day, when I see my customers enjoying their food it makes me extremely joyful because I know that I am the cause behind their smiles.







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